20 fun and festive Christmas party costume ideas (2024)

Hello all you festive party fans, and welcome to our action packed guide on the best Christmas party costume ideas. Christmas isn’t just about the food and presents, it’s about getting into the Christmas spirit and that means… dressing up! We all know how much you love Christmas jumpers and maybe a cheeky little Santa’s hat, but isn’t that a bit too low-key, especially after the year we’ve had? Pull out all the stops and give Santa and his elves a run for their money. Whether you fancy getting all suited and booted in one of our festive Opposuits, or for the girls, our Christmas sequin party dresses. Even if you want to dress as a giant turkey, we’ve got you covered! We’ve also listed a few of our most popular accessories, for those who’re looking to achieve a more toned-down look or are on a budget. Check out our favourite Christmas party costume ideas below! 😊

Inflatable Gingerbread Man Costume

We’re starting off our list of Christmas party costume ideas with a delicious and traditional treat that's not only consumed by kids, but by adults too. Help your little ones build their very first gingerbread house on Christmas eve (and don't forget to dunk your fingers in the icing!) Not only will you be baking these tasty treats this December, but why not dress up as the crunchy biscuit himself? Our Inflatable Gingerbread Man Costume is such a fun outfit idea that'll guarantee to put a smile on your kids and family's face!

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Festive Sequin Dress Costumes

People will be mesmerised by your beauty as you walk into the party looking like a shining disco ball. Yes, Christmas is about looking as unique as possible, and perhaps at time a bit silly, but if you want to simply look good for a work party, or even for your family Christmas dinner, then look no further. The question is, which one will you go for?

Ladies Elf Outfit

Let’s face it, Santa wouldn’t be able to make it in time for Christmas eve delivering all those presents, if it wasn’t for his trusty elves. They make a good team but every once in a while, the elves (especially the female elves) can turn a bit mischievous. It’s no wonder really, as wrapping so many presents is enough to drive everyone a bit crazy!

Roast Turkey Costume

If you’ve been invited to a Christmas party and really want to make an entrance, then it’s time to put away last year’s Christmas outfit, as nothing really is going to make you stand out as much as a walking piece of meat! Let’s just hope people don’t end up carving bits off you and that they’ve got enough turkey to go round on Christmas day! This is a Christmas party costume idea that will have your friends drooling…literally.

Adult Christmas Pudding Costume

You’re either going to love it or hate it, but it’s a dessert eaten by millions of households every Christmas. Drizzle a bit of custard on top or add a dash of fresh cream and you’ll be satisfied for hours! It’s another comical costume idea that’s fit for a Christmas party with friends or a work-do. You’ll definitely be the topic of conversation either way. Are you a Christmas pudding, or a Mince Pie person?

Adult Inflatable Santa Costume

Surprise your little one, or even a loved on this festive season, and become the red man himself. Fill your belly full of mince pies and lots of beer, and prepare yourself for a night of fun and gift delivering. Dressing up as Father Christmas never gets old, and this Adult Inflatable Santa Costume is so fun and will definitely get others in the festive spirit this December.

Christmas Tree Dress Costume

‘Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy branches.’ If you’re going to dress up for Christmas, then what else are you going to dress up as, other than a Christmas tree? These beautiful evergreen trees are Christmas through and through! Decorate them to your hearts content without going overboard (especially with all that tinsel). Just be careful, as others may try to steal you away if they haven’t yet bought their Christmas tree!

Festive Suitmeister Suits

The next outfit on our list of the best Christmas party costume ideas is for the men in the back. If you’re looking for something a little more smart and sophisticated, then this one’s for you. Put aside your frilly Santa’s costume from last year and step into a rather festive suit that’ll have you standing out from the crowd. Yes, please!

Ladies Santa’s Helper Costume

We’re moving on to another one of Santa’s little helpers, but this time it’s a sultrier version. She doesn’t really like to work, and she much prefers to catch all the other helper’s attention. For all you ladies out there who fancy adding a spin on Santa’s loyal and hardworking elves, then this costume might be the one for you… It’s a Christmas party costume idea for ladies that want to look extra sexy for the occasion.

Reindeer Step-in Costume

Whilst it’s almost time to step into Christmas, why not step into our Reindeer costume at the same time? it might be a bit out there for some festive events, but it’s perfect for a Christmas party. Plus, you’ll even get bonus points from your boss after making them laugh so much! Go on Rudolph, do your thing!

Adult Inflatable Snowman Costume

Become the real-life snowman and out on our Adult Inflatable Snowman Costume! It's a fun and unique costume idea that no-one else will have. Spread the Christmas cheer in your household, with friends and family this December. Let's just hope the sun doesn't make an appearance and melt you all away!

Red Christmas Cracker Costume

The next outfit on our list of Christmas party ideas is no other than the infamous cracker. Whether you get them from the supermarket, WHS Smiths, or if you’re feeling extra fancy, John Lewis, this is a staple of every Christmas lunch. Either way, the chances are you’ll receive a pretty pointless prize at the end of it! As it’s Christmas, it really doesn’t matter. You’ve got enough time to get to the gym and build up your strength!

Super Reindeer Costume

We think Rudolph has gotten a bit older over the years and whilst he still might be Santa’s most trusted reindeer, there’s room for another reindeer to take the reins. He’s strong, he’s powerful and he will get Santa from house to house in less than a millisecond!

Penguin Hoopster Costume

Are you a party animal? If the answer’s yes, then you can slide into the party, whilst others admire how you glide across the dance floor, penguin style! Not all Christmas party costume ideas need to be so serious after all, and can be quite cute and fun! Please just don’t bring the cold weather from the Antarctic with you!

Sexy Snow Woman Costume

This one’s for the ladies out there who can be a bit of an ice queen, or in this case, a snowman from time to time. If anyone’s up for a snowball fight, or fancies building some other snowmen friends, this sexy Snow Woman will sure love to help. It makes a great costume to wear for a Christmas party, but let’s just hope that it’s not overly hot in there…

Christmas Santa Hat

If you’re going to buy a Christmas accessory this year, then without a doubt it has to be a Santa’s hat. Not only will it keep your head and ears warm this during the winter, it also makes an affordable add-on for any outfit. Any choice of clothing becomes Christmassy when you pop on a Santa hat. Quick and easy, eh? Ho, ho, ho!

Santa Belly Stuffer

After eating all those mince pies that families leave him on Christmas eve, it’s no surprise that Santa struggles to climb down chimneys. Whilst there can only be one Father Christmas, you can do a great job of imitating him, and to do that, you’re going to need a whole lot of stuffing…. or you can just eat your way through a batch of mince pies.

Classic Elf Shoes

We’re almost at the end of our list of Christmas party costume ideas, but before we finish off, this one’s for all you little elves who love to help Santa but are also a little bit cheeky. You’ll need your little feet protected when you’re hard at work in Lapland! We might have a small problem for those of you that have big feet mind…

Value Santa Wig and Beard Set

Last but certainly not least, you’re going to need a big and a big fluffy white beard (unless you have a natural beard already already). If you have young children and want to make their Christmas party extra special, then dress up as the man himself. Try your best to go unnoticed though, as the kids will wonder how you managed to grow such a magnificent beard.

We hope you enjoyed guide on our favourite Christmas party costumes and found some inspiration for your very own Christmas outfit. If you weren’t able to find something you like, or looking for something in particular, then be sure to check out our full range of Christmas party costumes here. Whether you’re planning to make a grand entrance at your work party or want to surprise your friends at the pub, dressing up is exactly how to do it! Cheers!

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20 fun and festive Christmas party costume ideas (2024)


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